The myth: Fish & Chips vs Fast Food

It’s a fact that people are becoming more health-conscious as the years go by. Younger consumers are far more concerned about the foods they’re putting into their bodies and rightly so! In a recent survey, the most health centric group of people (aka men and women under 20 years of age) revealed that they’d actually pay more for healthier food.

This ‘Generation Z’ would most likely consider fish and chips a treat or a ‘fast food’, along with with pizza and burgers. It’s a common myth that this traditional British meal is full of unhealthy fats and grease; but if you looked at the nutritional information you may just be surprised.

See below for a breakdown of some popular foods and how they compare to fish and chips:

Fish & Chips vs fast food tableBy no means is this post trying to steer anyone away from these types of fast food. Rather, we’re looking to let you know about making healthy food choices whilst having a balance. Of course, you should treat yourself to a takeaway meal, but if you’re looking to make a healthier choice, fish and chips is a safe bet.

An average portion of fish and chips provides vitamin C, B12 and B6 and a little bit of iron, zinc, calcium and iodine. Plus, the fish provides essential omega-3 fatty acids as well as dietary fibres. Just make sure not to douse your chips in too much salt!



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