Keeping up a sustainable Fish and Chip business

In the news, the sustainability of cod and other fish types has been questioned quite a lot. Many Brits are worried that their favourite supper might have to change, because of the ‘lack’ of supply. We don’t want this to be the case, as here at Superfish our aim is to make sure all of our customers enjoy their food.


That’s why we buy all of our fish from fully traceable sources. Our cod in particular is caught in the Barent Sea, where the waters are unpolluted and sustainable. We could tell you exactly where our fish has come from, on what day, and from the exact fishing vessel. We think it’s important that we know exactly where our food is coming from before it lands on our customers plates.

As a fish and chip shop, it’s important to make sure that the fish you’re using comes from waters that have attained an accreditation from the Marine Stewardship Council. In short this means that the fishing area has been regarded healthy, and won’t lower the viability of the waters.


We also make sure that even our potatoes are taken from sustainable environments. We use different types of potatoes depending on the time of the year, to make sure we can get the best ones in season. From August through to June, we use Maris Piper potatoes from Cambridgeshire. Then when June comes around, farmer Tom Fisher in Essex grows us the Accord variety of potatoes all the way through to August.

From being in the fish and chip industry since 1970, we know that it’s important to be a responsible food supplier. If you ask where your food comes from, we want to be able to tell you exactly what soil it grew in and what sea it swam in.