Our top five favourite #fishyfacts!

You may have seen on our Facebook page that we often post interesting facts about fish and chips under the hashtag #fishyfacts. There are actually lots of fun and kooky facts around that you may not know, so we’ve decided to collate five of our favourite to share with you.

  • A study in 2014 found that fish and chips is the nation’s 10th favourite scent, just behind perfume itself!
  • Potatoes became fashionable after Marie Antoinette paraded around wearing potato blossoms.
  • A fish and chip dinner has approximately three times less fat than a tikka masala takeaway. Delicious and healthier!
  • One in every four British potatoes grown (around 1.25 mil tonnes every single year) ends its life as a chip on your plate.
  • At Superfish, we source our potatoes from nearby farmers in the UK, so you know exactly where your food is coming from before it reaches your plate.

What’s your favourite fact? Let us know on Facebook or find out more about the history of Britain’s favourite meal.